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Celeste is a 13-year-old musical illustrator who survived a horror shoot in Staten Island, 1999. Her talent shines on commemoration when she sings a song that touches the hearts of alarms. Guided by her sister and the talent manager, the young phenomenon is transformed into a pop star rising with a promising future. Eighteen years later, Celeste is now on her way back, when a scandal, personal struggle and famine threatens her career.

An unusual array of circumstances brings an unexpected success to a pop star.

Directed by Brady Corbett: Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Rafi Cassidy

Vox-Lux follows a great national catastrophe to make a super star. The Film extends 18 years and follows important cultural moments through its eyes, starting at 1999 and ending with 2017. At 1999, Celeste (Rafi Cassidy) teenagers survived a violent tragedy. After singing at the memorial ceremony, Celeste became an advanced pop star with the help of her Sisters songs (Stacy Martin) and the talent Manager (Jude Law). Selenia’s meteoric progress towards fame and simultaneous loss of virginity coincides with a traumatic terror attack on the nation, which improves young plants to a new type known: The US icon, the secular innocence, the global superstar. Up to 2017, one adult celeste (Nathalie Poortman) grows back after a terrible episode that ruined her career. Traveling with the support of its sixth album, a collection of science fiction hyms, called Vox LUX, a pop, a non-scientific savior must overcome their personal and family battles…

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